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AUM Capital is led by Anand Trivedi and Jonathan Gil, partners since they founded opportunities throughout the recession ten years ago. Both partners took advantage of the economic climate during the recession and not only purchased non-performing debt and traditional multifamily, but organically built construction and management businesses along the way.

Together, the partners have been involved in over $250 Million in real estate transactions throughout the Midwest.


The partner's expertise is complemented by a deep and seasoned team of professionals with industry-leading skills, a results-driven work ethic, and decades of commitment to AUM's vision for uncompromising quality and intelligent re-development and innovation. This foundation of talent at every level of the company is what enables AUM to develop projects and deploy capital in a wide range of building types and scenarios.

Anand Trivedi


Jonathan gil



With increasing uncertainty and the complexities of today's economic environment, investors must find ways to balance their investment portfolios. Given the proliferation of investment alternatives in recent years, an investment in real estate remains a viable and attractive options for many individuals.

We believe that real economic profit should be the primary investment goal, and as investors, this continues to be the principal objective which shall drive the decision making at AUM.

AUM's partners have a well-standing history of securing successful real estate investments, and all such investments are centered around the belief that well-located, income producing real estate, acquired for a fair price and properly managed during the ownership period, will produce attractive economic returns.

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